Travelling Storyteller from Colombia

Scattering stories like seeds to heal the earth

I’m Juliana (also known as Achira), a nomadic Colombian traditional storyteller travelling the world.
From the magical realism of Latin America to true accounts of my life on the Road, from goddesses to ghosts to shamanic medicine, the stories I bring may break your heart or knit it back together, but they’ll always make you think.



DeeDee Calmayer


I attended the Achira Stories night at Glasgow University. I expected it to be entertaining. It was...but it was also so much more. Thought provoking, moving, educational, magical and above all, truly inspiring. Long may you shine your light!


Julian Ospina


If you are a person who wants to have a big positive change in your life, you should meet Juliana! Her stories make you feel as a kid again. She takes you to a magic world where you can imagine every word. Full of energy, happiness and passion, she's like a rainbow with legs!


Karin Lundengård, PhD


Your stories paint a world where hope and peace are acts of rebellion, and it frightens me, but I really need to hear it.

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I set out from Colombia with my partner Julian Ospina in February 2022 and have been on the Road since.
The app Polarsteps shows where we’ve been and where we are right now.
From here, we’re heading East! Anyone in Asia want to meet up?

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